Friday, April 15, 2011

Here is the complete truth about this industry that so many people have a hard time trusting do to unethical practices. Discount carpet cleaning coupons etc...( is it really?)
You see, most of these seem to good to be true prices are just that. Either a sub par cleaning with sub par equipment and untrained technicians or, the good old bait & switch tactics where you are charged extra for, pre conditioning, power scrubbing, etc... basically to use cleaners? Or they do clean your carpets (if you can call it that?) and leave them soaking wet, full of residue, and really not that much better.
Carpets that are left soaking wet can cause bacteria to grow, rapid re-soiling, delaminates the backing of the carpet and of course, just plain miserable living conditions for the days it takes to dry. I almost forgot that weird musty smell it can cause as well.
There are also a lot of company's and technicians who you just wouldn't want in your home or around your family and loved ones. Lot's of company's sub contract there work out to some of these technicians who could care less if you call them back as there working for very little compensation and just want to get done with yours and off to the next one because only volume will pay the bills.
There are also company's that higher illegal aliens so they can skip on paying insurance, work comp etc... and they pay these guy's very little wages and of course are poorly trained and speak very little english as well.
Then you have those rental or store bought plug in the wall machines that only saturate the carpet with soaps and have such little vacuum they leave all the soap and water in there only to re-soil worse a short time later. This and dry cleaning type of methods is by far the dirtiest carpets I see.
One last thing, green cleaning is a for real thing and most carpets can be perfectly done with this method. This means the pre treat, the rinse agent and in our case the protector applied is completely safe for your family and pets. You want to ask for dfe/epa certified products. Even if a carpet is in really bad shape, more conventional pre treatment methods can be applied but still be rinsed and protected with green products leaving you with a safe and clean environment for your family.
So there you have a little inside info on this industry that has gotten a black eye (bad rap) from many company's like this. And believe me, I have seen and met a TON of them in my 17 years in this industry. I personally worked for major and small company's before starting our own company, so I know first hand that it is really hard to get a good and dare I say even great company to come in and exceed your expectations! I can tell you that there are still little company's out there intent on surpassing your expectations and providing you with the most amazing work, friendly service, trustworthy people you will ever come across. Thanks so much for reading my Blog.
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